Another Post About Love

One thing that I am amazed by God is His love. When I feel alone, He is there, even if I don’t feel Him. He is there by my side. One thing I do like about being in His presence is the peace, even if I don’t hear God talking to me, it is still a great feeling. I am guilty of having moments when I don’t draw closer to Him, but He still wants to draw closer to me and wants me to draw closer to Him.

This is true for all of you as well. I would not be sharing this if I did not think that He does not love you as well. Even if you don’t feel it, He still loves you. Even if you don’t think that anyone can love you, He still loves you. Even if you done something(s) in your life that you think makes you unlovable, He still loves you.

I am someone who wants to be a good representation of Christ and be someone that loves the way Christ does, but I am aware I am guilty of not doing that and it is something that I need to work on as a Christian. I encourage you all to do the same; be an example of Christ and love others the way you want to be loved.

Therefore, I encourage you all, love like Christ.