Fruit of the Spirit: Love

Love is something that is found all over in the Bible, therefore, love is something that is important to God and wants to spread to others.  I remember reading the Old Testament and eventually thinking that this God is a God of love even in the Old Testament. In Judges, it would start out with everything is going alright then the Israelites would turn away from God to bad things happening to the Israelites to needing a leader that would lead them out of the destruction to people going back to the Lord. Then, this cycle would start again. Reading the Old Testament, it seemed to be something that happened in the Old Testament instead of just in Judges.

One excellent example of God’s love is when Jesus was crucified on the cross and resurrecting from the grave. Jesus was crucified, so we would not have to go through what He did since He is a gracious God. He resurrected from the grave to perform the greatest miracle and we can spend eternity with Him. He also wants us to spread the good news to the world because of His love and grace. He wants us to be an example of Christ to the world. This was what happened after the Gospel letters in the Bible. Therefore, one way to spread the good news was to show His love to the world.

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