Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

The next fruit of the spirit is peace.  What do you think of when you think of peace? Does it involve calmness, stillness, and quietness in the soul? Can it be considered peace if it involves being in chaos? Well, even if you are going through chaos, it is possible to be at peace; if you are not at peace during your circumstance(s), you can still be at peace with the Lord and know that He will always be there. I know it sounds confusing, but think of it this way. It is easy to be at peace when the circumstance is easy, but when circumstances get hard, where do we find that peace? Do we merely give up or do we remember God’s promise(s) that He will always be with us and rely on Him? When we reflect on this, it makes us realize where our peace comes from.


What do you think of when you think of peace? Feel free to share in the comments and don’t be afraid to share what you have learned from the Bible about peace.